Top 10 Reasons to Implement Hosted SharePoint 2010

  1. Take file sharing to a new level with hosted SharePoint 2010.
    Your employees can easily find and share files and be sure that no data will be lost. SharePoint 2010 doesn’t just store documents in one vast directory – it provides sites with file storage and retrieval capabilities, version history, check-in and check-out functionality, custom metadata, and customizable, flexible views.

  2. Share various types of information.
    Hosted SharePoint 2010 is more than just a place to save files – it’s a place where you can share information and get work done efficiently. SharePoint 2010 sites can store contacts, web links, calendars, discussions, lists of issues, announcements and much more.

  3. Give your users the authority, flexibility and customization they need.
    You don’t need an IT team to do all the work anymore. You can grant other employees direct access to create sites, control site membership, monitor site usage and moderate content submissions as needed. Users can even create site templates and share them with each other.

  4. Give your IT team the control and management tools it needs.
    Although SharePoint 2010 provides users with additional authority and access, your IT team is still able to track sites that are being created, their owners, usage statistics and more. Administrators can implement quotas for sites, storage, and users, prevent users from adding certain file types to SharePoint sites as well as automatically remove sites that are not used for long periods of time.

  5. Use pre-made SharePoint 2010 application templates.
    To help you quickly and easily integrate SharePoint 2010 into your daily processes, mindSHIFT provides you with a number of application templates that are fully customizable and help you deploy SharePoint 2010 in ways that fit your company needs best.

  6. Hosted SharePoint 2010 from mindSHIFT will meet your small business needs and grow with you.
    Hosted SharePoint 2010 is perfect for a business of any size – from a small 2 person startup to large enterprise deployments. Our mindSHIFT flexible pricing allows you to start with smaller deployments and scale upwards as your business and requirements grow.

  7. Maximize the power of SharePoint 2010 with Web Parts.
    Add new features to the SharePoint sites you already use by adding Web Parts to your pages. Web Parts can be written by ASP.NET developers to provide web services, data access and a variety of other applications and content to your SharePoint sites.

  8. Manage SharePoint 2010 the way you want.
    Use a web browser or command line utilities to manage and configure hosted SharePoint 2010 from the first day of your implementation, making an unlimited number of customizable solutions possible. Hosted SharePoint 2010 will adjust to your daily business operations, eliminating the need to make any changes to your workflow to accommodate SharePoint.

  9. Collaborate more effectively with Microsoft Office integration.
    SharePoint’s web services capability enables you to use Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath and OneNote in their native format. Users can also assign tasks, add members to sites and communicate with others in real time while working on Microsoft Office documents stored on SharePoint sites. With Microsoft Outlook, you can view calendars and contact lists stored in SharePoint and create and manage document and meeting –related SharePoint sites.

  10. Implement blogs and wikis.
    SharePoint 2010 can help you implement blogs and wikis quickly and easily, providing your employees with a platform for brainstorming ideas, creating knowledge bases, or simply for gathering information in a format which is easy to edit and maintain using built-in blog and wiki templates. No technical knowledge is required to edit these sites so all your users will be able to contribute.