Hosted SharePoint 2010 Foundation from mindSHIFT

Hosted SharePoint Foundation is the premiere web-based collaboration and productivity enhancement tool on the market today. With SharePoint 2010 Foundation, you can quickly access and manage documents and information anytime, anywhere though a Web browser in a secure and user friendly way. SharePoint hosting services start at only at $9.99/mo, allowing you to take advantage of the robust feature set for a small business price. mindSHIFT offers a variety of hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010 plans as well as dedicated SharePoint 2010 Foundation options.

Whether you work with people across the office or across continents, hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010 allows you and your team members to share schedules, compare notes and collaborate on virtually any type of file. You can also use SharePoint to develop and maintain websites, intranets, message boards and picture libraries.

Manage Information

SharePoint 2010 Foundation sites can be used to store and manage various types of information. Create your own event calendars, contact lists, link repositories, discussion boards, announcements and issue lists. You can use built-in lists or create lists that are customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

Share Files

Files and documents stored on your SharePoint 2010 Foundation site can be retrieved and modified quickly and easily using SharePoint’s check-in and check-out functionality and version control. Your team members can find, access and share documents using the customizable, flexible views and custom properties.

Collaborate With Colleagues

Create collaborative workspaces which can be used to store, update, share and manage information. Increase team productivity and collaboration with surveys, shared calendars, task lists, threaded discussions and other features that will help you be more efficient and stay connected with your teammates, colleagues, customers and vendors.

Manage Workflows

SharePoint 2010 Foundation’s workflow functionality helps you automate every aspect of daily work processes with clearly defined rule managed workflows. Everything from paid time off requests to project coordination can be automated. Employee requests trigger notifications to all relevant parties to avoid communication breakdowns.

Customize Your Workspace

SharePoint 2010 Foundation includes a variety of useful out-of-the box team sites. However, should you want to change the appearance or add additional functionality, it’s simple. There is no need to do any programming or use third-party application – the customization feature is intuitive and easy to use.

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